Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dr. Subodh Singh on television show The Doctors

Dr. Drew Ordon (left) and Dr. Subodh Singh (right)

Dr. Drew Ordon from the television show The Doctors visited G.S. Memorial. Tomorrow, July 14th 2010 watch The Doctors episode where Dr. Drew Ordon assists with a cleft repair surgery with Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh!

From Smile Train:

Dr. Drew Ordon – renowned plastic surgeon and host of the Emmy-nominated daytime syndicated series The Doctors – will highlight his recent visit to a Smile Train partner hospital in India. While there, he assisted on a cleft repair surgery for Mantasha, a 19-month-old girl from a desperately poor family. In just 45 minutes, Mantasha received a new smile and a second chance at life.

"Working with Smile Train in India was the best experience I have had in my career! The whole trip left me inspired with a sense of accomplishment I have not felt before. It made me feel proud to be a plastic and reconstructive surgeon... utilizing my skills for such a noble cause. The Smile Train Organization is such a class act, changing lives with a purpose."

- Dr. Andrew Ordon- Co-Host of the "Emmy-nominated",
"The Doctors"

For more information on episode visit the following link



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